Our dedicated team all are pet lovers. We love our dogs as you do. We strive to continuously improve our service to provide your pet with wholesome and delicious treats.

Our own brand: PETIDEAL

Our Mission

For Better Connecting with Pets. 

Working for customers' Brand.

Our History

1997 - David An, the funder of Ideal Treats, was honored to be one of the team members to develop first chicken pet treats for Japan. 

2005 - Petideal company founded. 

2006 - FDA registered and CFIA approved

2011 - APPA (American Pet Products Association) member.

2015 - Self-owned plant registered in EU.

2016 - Capacity expanded with 6 treats plant(3 self-owned,3 contracted)and 3 rawhide factories(1 self-owned, 2 contracted)

2018 - Founder member of SPIA (Shandong Pet Industry Association)


Founder-member of Shandong Pet Industry Association(SPIA)

20 years’ experience pet treats business

Independent Logistics

Wide products varieties.

Flexible Payment opinions.

Business partner worldwide. Costo, Coles and Loblaws.

Private label service.

Our plant